Eyebrow permanent makeup

This procedure is done in order to:

  • In case of a lack of hair in the eyebrow region
  • In case of asymmetry of the eyebrows
  • To save time on morning make up
  • Enhance certain traits of the face
  • Make the face look younger

Hair stroke technique

This is the most well known procedure in permanent makeup today. This technique creates the most natural look even in case of a complete lack of eyebrow. The hair stroke technique implies inserting the pigment with tiny, very thin lines imitating hair. Essentially it is a small face tattoo, but done on the top layer of the skin and with special equipment and thus without pain and inflammation. The anesthetic used is cream, not shots.

The dryer the skin, the easier the permanent make up stays in the skin. If the skin "fights" the pigment, during the second procedure (correction) the work is repeated, or a different technique is used.
Good permanent makeup is when nobody knows you have it.

A good quality PM fades in 6 month to about two years. Hair stroke style requires renewal procedures more often then the shading technique. Your personal time frame depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, exposure to ultraviolet rays. On average permanent makeup done for the first time(+correction) lasts for about a year.
DO not trust myths and gossip, in case of any questions ask a qualified professional!