Lips permanent makeup

This procedure will help to hide scars, to correct irregularities of pigmentation or to visually enlarge your lips, while preserving the most natural appearance.

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Laser removal

The removal of a tattoo occurs when influenced by a laser beam of a certain length that destroys the particles of the pigment inside the skin. Particles of the pigment absorb the laser and are divided into tiny shards which afterwards dissolve. The tattoo fades with every procedure. Thus the laser destroys the pigment in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin without harming healthy skin.

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Eyebrow permanent makeup

This procedure is done in order to:

  • In case of a lack of hair in the eyebrow region
  • In case of asymmetry of the eyebrows
  • To save time on morning make up
  • Enhance certain traits of the face
  • Make the face look younger
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Biotattoo - a procedure for healing and creating an ideal form of eyebrows with the help of staining with henna.

Unlike ordinary dye, henna for eyebrows:
  • Hairs last longer (3-4 weeks).
  • It also keeps on the skin (1-3 weeks, depending on the correctness of care and individual characteristics).
  • Skin and hairs are not exposed to chemistry. On the contrary, henna is a natural dye, its components promote gluing of exfoliated scales and make the eyebrows more shiny and elastic. Henna does not mix with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide - only with water!
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