Correct care after a permanent makeup procedure

The success of a PM procedure also relies on the post procedural care. This is essential if a client wants the makeup to last as long as possible.

Decorative cosmetics should not be used in the area of the PM 7-14 days after the procedure.

In case of swelling antihistamines should be consumed until full disappearance of symptoms.

Swimming pools, gyms, saunas and solariums should not be visited until the crusts have come off. These crusts should not be touched in come in contact with warm water.

It is forbidden to use hormonal creams, antibiotics, peroxide and healing creams during the aftercare phase of the procedure.

During the care phase you should not:
  • Sunbathe
  • Attend saunas or swimming pools
  • Use creams and face masks in the ares of the procedure
  • Use decorative cosmetics in the area of the procedure
  • Wipe the area of affect with alcoholic tonics
  • Touch the crusts
  • Make face pealing procedures
  • Use creams that include hormones or antibiotics

All of these instructions are essential during 3 weeks for the procedure to have the required effect.

The final color of the permanent make up may take time to become seen. Right after the crusts come off the color will be much lighter than in a couple of weeks after that, give it time, in a couple of weeks you will see the correct result!

Always protect your PM from direct sun rays, while sunbathing always use protective creams on the area of the permanent makeup, this will help you keep the color you want for a longer period of time.

The time frame for healing after any procedure in 28 days. This is the time needed for the skin to completely regenerate. Thus it is best to book a correction in about a month after the initial procedure.