Permanent makeup contraindications

The PM procedure has certain Contraindications that may lead to side affects.

The Contraindications may be divided into absolute and inadvisable.

Absolute Contraindications:

  • High temperature
  • Active stage of any illness
  • Insulin based stage of diabetes
  • Illnesses connected to blood clotting disorders (hemophilia)
  • Scaring in the area of the potential procedure

A correctly performed permanent makeup procedure does not lead to scars, but in case of unskilled professionals or bad postprocedural care by the client there is a risk of scarring.

Contraindications for lip procedures:

  • Open herpes in lip zone

Eye liner contraindications:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Severe allergies
  • Sores in the area of affect
  • Influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pregnancy

Inadvisable contraindications:

  • High arterial pressure
  • Pregnancy or period of lactation
  • Allergies. In this case it is advisable to make an allergy test.
  • Performing the procedure a day before or in the first two days of menstruation
  • Consumption of alcohol the day before the procedure. This will make the procedure less effective.
  • Immune system illnesses
  • Rehabilitation period after surgery
  • Scheduling the procedure right after traumatic cosmetological procedures

Performing the procedure while consuming certain drugs(corticosteroids, antibiotics, vitamin A). In this case the effect of the procedure might be worse than expected. The color might change unexpectedly.